Block is 2023m2.
Fully Fenced with gates
Zoned Primary Production
Does need good tidy up as with this years rain fall its a bit high.
Part of an old building on block also

Zone RU1 Primary Production Classification

1 Objectives of zone

• To encourage sustainable primary industry production by maintaining and enhancing the natural resource base.

• To encourage diversity in primary industry enterprises and systems appropriate for the area.

• To minimise the fragmentation and alienation of resource lands.

• To minimise conflict between land uses within the zone and land uses within adjoining zones.

2 Permitted without consent

Building identification signs; Extensive agriculture; Home occupations

3 Permitted with consent

Agricultural produce industries; Agriculture; Business identification signs; Dwelling houses; Environmental protection works; Extractive industries; Farm buildings; Forestry; Mining; Roads; Roadside stalls

4 Prohibited

Any development not specified in item 2 or 3


  • Fully Fenced